Independent Clinical Review Process

The Independent Clinical Review (ICR) Process offers families and their children the opportunity to have key components of their Ontario Autism Program (OAP) Behaviour Plan reviewed by a team of independent Clinical Reviewers.

The ICR process is coordinated by Contact Niagara, a non-profit agency funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).

About the Independent Clinical Review Process:

  •  The first step is an internal OAP review process:
    • If you are dissatisfied with your child’s OAP Behaviour Plan, you must first contact your OAP service provider.
    • Your OAP provider will work through an internal review process with you and your family to try to resolve your concerns.
    • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your OAP provider’s internal review, you can request an independent review of your child’s OAP Behaviour Plan through the ICR.
  • To request an independent review through the ICR, you must complete and submit an ICR Family Request Form to your OAP provider. 
  • Your OAP provider is then responsible for sending your child’s complete case file materials to the ICR Coordinator. Case files include all relevant material related to a child in the OAP. All identifying information is removed by the ICR Coordinator and sent to a Review Committee, composed of two Clinical Reviewers and a Family Representative.
  • You will receive a decision from the ICR no later than 45 business days from the date you submitted the ICR Family Request Form.
  • The ICR is a paper-based review of your child’s OAP Behaviour Plan, based on his or her case file materials, and in the context of evidence based practice.
  • The case file materials, as well as the perspective of the family making the request, are reviewed by two independent clinicians (one Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and one Psychologist/psychological associate).
  • The outcome of the ICR process is a decision about whether to accept a Behaviour Plan as is or send it back to the OAP Clinical Supervisor for revisions and/or additional information.
  • The ICR is not a second opinion, and does not involve a clinical re-assessment of your child.
  • Decisions rendered at the conclusion of the ICR process are final.
  • At any point during the ICR, you can choose to withdraw from the process and continue with your child’s original OAP Behaviour Plan.

Please click here for more information on the ICR Process.


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